Here’s the newest Hipsters adventure for all you boys and girls! Lots of action, excitement, and bad puns!

In you’ve had enough of those robots by now, how do you feel about zombies? You might’ve read somewhere that I once drew a Hipsters comic titled “Hipsters Vs. Zombies”, back when zombies were still cool. Said episode was published in JAZAM! vol. 5 at the time and hadn’t been available online or in English. But now, I’ve not only decided to finally put the whole thing on the net, I’ve also gone to the trouble to translate it into English! You can find it in the new-and-improved ARCHIVE section or just click here.

Also, check out this little Hipsters illustration I published on my Tumblr.

Hipster Band of the Week: David Bowie (I know, I know, he’s hardly obscure… but I like his new song, and I’ve yet to meet a hipster who isn’t crazy for Bowie)

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