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I’m back from Comicfestival München, and after catching up on some sleep yesterday, I managed to finish a new comic strip.

The festival was pretty great (except for the last day, which was cut short significantly by massive hordes of celebrating soccer fans completely blocking Munich’s inner city). While the printer fucked up the new JAZAM! a little bit, we sold a bunch of them anyway (at a reduced price), and had a ton of awesome artists at our table, signing comics and having fun. It was great to see all of my fellow webcartoonists again and even meet a few fans of Hipsters. There was a lot of partying and some buying and trading of awesome minicomics. See some photos & stuff at the JAZAM! tumblr.

My own comic “48 Stunden Angst” (48 Hours of Fear) was received quite well, too, and is now available at Kwimbi Webcomic Shop. All copies come with an original signature & drawing!

Hipster Band of the Week: Vampire Weekend

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