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This is probably going to be the last comic of 2013. Or maybe not, depending on how much time for drawing I can find between christmas and new year’s eve.

Anyway, I wish you all a merry christmas (if you even celebrate it) and a happy new year!

Shortly before christmas, Jojo Kretzschmar (aka Beetlebum) had the idea of doing a German Webcomics Secret Santa, which is pretty cool, right? Each participating webcomic artist did a guest comic or artwork for another randomly selected webcomic or comic blog. I was pleasantly surprised when I got this wonderful little comic from my buddy Jeff Chi (he of Spinken) a couple of days ago:


I, myself, was assigned Kaydee and her webcomic “I Give You Dinosaur,” for which I drew this:


You can find the German version on her blog. There’s a complete list of all participants on my blog.

Hipster Band of the Week: Blood Orange

de German version