Today’s guest artist David Füleki wasn’t content to just contibute one strip, he did a whole 4-part-series. Above is part one, the other parts will follow in the next three days. Pretty awesome stuff!

David is a great German manga artist, mostly known for his “Struwwelpeter” (at Tokyopop) and Entoman (online for free at comics. He also does a regular Webcomic called “Studieren mit Rind” and contributed short stories to the print anthologies “Großstadtaugen” and JAZAM! vols. 5 & 6. Some of his comics were also published by his own mini label Delfinium Prints Intoxicated. Unfortunately, none of his stuff is available in English, as far as I know.

Hipster Band of the Week: The Asteroid Galaxy Tour

German version