Yup, there is a brand-new Hipsters book. It contains all storylines from Hipsters Vs. Vampires to Hipsters in Hell. Only the German version so far, though. Check it out:


Buy it now:

Kwimbi | JAZAM! | Amazon.de


Before this webcomic started, the Hipsters had made several appearances in other print publications. All of them were originally published in German and black and white.


16-page self-published minicomic. There aren’t any physical copies left, but you can read it here or in German at MyComics.de


9-page short story. Published in the German indie comics anthology JAZAM! vol. 5. Available for 14 € at www.jazam.de

Read it in English right here.


HIPSTERS vs. DEF & ROY (2010)

2-page short story. A crossover with “78 Tage auf der Straße des Hasses” by David Füleki. Published in the special issue “Sonder-Teil 1”, which you can order for 3 € at Delfinium Prints.